Friday, July 17, 2009

Bukit Indah---Kuantan

Last Friday, I have go for a outdoor activity. Two sisters, her friends and me had go to climb Bukit Indah located in Taman Negara of Kuantan. We first arrived at Maran on Fri night. Next morning, we drive to Taman Negara and start our journey. We first walk 45 mins to the canopy walk. There are in total of 9 platforms of the canopy walk. But, 4 platforms is in renovation when we were there, so left only 5 platforms for us to explore. It costs RM 5 per person.
In the afternoon, a group of my sister's friend join us and we start to climb Bukit Indah. The path is build up by small river, upward climbing, downward climbing, rock climbing supported by string....... When the time I am climbing, it is really tiring. My legs seems like not belongs to me and muscle af my entire body were painful.... I keep thinking why it takes so long to reach the top of the Bukit. We spent one and half hour to reach the top. By the time, it is really exhausted. No happiness but tire. After half hour rest, we walk down again.... When we are back to Hotel, all sleep after taking bath.
Next day, the activity is like heaven. We go for boat riding for 45 mins, cost RM 40 per person and walk for 15 mins to LATA BERKOH(a small waterfall). I sit on a rock enjoying the waterfall, it is a massaging service(Jacucci) by the nature. My legs were fully relax and energy build up once again. That kind of feel really GOOD!!!! Then, on our way back, we 'picnic' in the boat, enjoying the beautiful scenery which can only be viewed in TV. Those hectic lifes, assignment, tut, quiz, exam is just lik nothing as I have own the world on that time.

This is good and wonderful experience. I may only experienced it once in my life. Luckily i go for it. Skip class is small matter, we seldom have the time enjoying life. Therefore, I would do or achieve what I desire now no matter what obstacles I have to go through. This is called life. You wont never expect a smooth life without any memorable moments. A normal life can be owned easily, a memorable life have to be achieved.:}

Malaysia Transport

One month ago, my sister back from Kuantan and asked me to help her to buy Sunday ticket back to Kuantan. So, I go survey whatever bus company which has bus travelling to Kuantan. End up, there is two company available which is Transnasional and Indah Express. Transnasional will depart on 9pm and reach Kuantan at 1am while Indah Express depart on 8pm.
The person selling ticket on behave of Indah Express promise that their bus will arrive Kuantan on 12am. Therefore, of course I bought ticket with Indah Express. When I about to pay RM 22 as the usual bus fare, the aunty selling ticket said the ticket cost RM28. What she explained to me is that the bus they are providing is with comfortable seat and can sleep. Ok, fine. I bought it.
However, when my sister take the bus on Sun, the bus destination is to Ipoh, Thailand, Kuantan.... We are worried about it. After an hour, sister called back and said the bus stop and KL and all the passengers change to another bus based on own destination. Now only we wonder the additional RM 6 is the bus fare from Seremban to KL. After my sister shift to another bus, that bus is no longer comfortable, it is just a usual bus with small seat and smelly. The most terrible is: My sister has wait for 2 hours in KL just to wait the bus to be full. She arrived Kuantan on 2pm. We have been cheated!!!!
I wonder why Malaysia transportation is still so poor and so not convenient? If take the Transnasional bus, must have reach Kuantan much much earlier!!! The bus company Indah Express is so cruel, because of money, they can forget about passengers' safety.sigh...:{


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Best in Life

Everyone in this world have the same problem, ie. ' The best thing in life is apprecisted most after they have been lost'.

Why as human, we always let go our most precious thing appear or happen in our life so easily, and regret after we lost it? Cant we be greatful for what we are having and take well care or pay effort to sustain it?

For me, family members are my motivation, I wont rather hurt myself than causing them feel heart-broken. It is easy to say, hard to work..... But please appreciate whatever you are having now. Dont think you are pity or loneliness in the world yet you have hold every valueable things in hand.:}

Friday, June 26, 2009


Recently, I started to realize that there is no one in this world will really cares about you and of course wont feel pity on you unless your family members.

I wont say our family cares, concern on us is because they have no choice as they are somehow connected with us. I would say family are joined with love which we cant hope to get it from the third party.

Therefore, we shall learn how to protect ourselves and also take good care on ourselves to have a better life or as a return for family members not to feel worry on us....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stress Free!!

It is the third day after final exam.. The holiday feel without any single worries n burden is fantastic.

Before final, have to set alarm, wake up at 730am then slept at 1am.. Then, the day is fill with mountain of referrence books, tutorial paper, past year paper, exercises...... No time for entertainment, even no time to tidy myself. All I know is wake up, study; hungry, eat then bath, sleep and wake up again.....

After exam, lifes is beautiful. The dawn is peaceful, the morning is warm.... the night is comfortable.... Everything is just fine and all in peace... So good!!!! This is what we call real life. Free of anything, care of nothing.........

LIFES IS always FANTASTIC and all depends on your point of view.. Be happy, always and life will be full of happiness..:}

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Look...

I have dye my hair red like this text color i used....

I have highlighted my hair to the mixture of purple and red....

I have curl my hair not only bottom but overall except front hair...

Anyway, i think it suits me right and i become more energetic, not dumb as usual... The only trouble is I have to spend more time to take care of it. If not, the curl will easily out of shape....:{

It is possible that i am bored with the serious look of straight hair, and so this curly hair makes me more active and confident....

You never you if you never try... I am happy and glad that i have step out and so i have successfully changed my new appearance... Nowadays, human are hesitate when they are making decision. Why not step out your first step and enjoy it... try it out every things seems to be unusual so that lifes will be more memorable moments........hehehe :}


Friday, December 19, 2008

Dye, Highlight & curly Hair Awaits.......

Tomorrow is a busy day...... ????

I am frustrated with my straight hair and its condition is not up to expectation already... So, it gives me an excuse to change my look...hahahha..........!!

I am going to dye, highlight and curl my hair!!! It takes minimum 5 hours leh.... So terrible, i just sit there doing nothing n may be bored la......... Watching my hair style changing as time passed maybe lovable and amazing.....hehehe.....

Anyway, I am looking forward to it and feel excited as i am trying three new things at ONCE...

Hope it may suits me and it is a sign of new life.. Somehow, if it is not as wat i am expecting, i still have to bear it at least 3 months..? Better not la... Curly hair is not bad aso wat...... Please let it suits me..........hehe....